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Center for Studies of Intellectual Property Rights

No. 1, Nanhu South Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, P.R.China


Tel:+8627-88386157  +8627-88386764

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  Who We Are

Wu Handong

Wu Handong (吴汉东), Doctor of Law, Professor, President and LL.D Supervisor of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Member of Social Sciences Committee under the Ministry of Education, Vice-Director of Legal Education Guiding Committee under the Ministry of Education, Vice President of Intellectual Property Rights Law Academy under CLS, Vice President of Civil Law Academy under CLS, Part-time Professor and LL.D Supervisor of Renmin University of China, Part-time Professor of Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Nanjing Normal University, and Ji’nan University, Director and research fellow of CSIPR, Vice-Director of Academic Committee of CSIPR. Professor Wu enjoys special governmental allowance of State Council. He is also one of the distinguished middle-aged specialists in Hubei Province and a member of the State Million-Talented-People Project. Under his leadership, more than 10 key research projects at state, ministerial or provincial levels have been accomplished. He has published 9 academic works including Research on Copyright Fair Use, Research on Copyright of Western Counties, Copyright Comparisons among Different Regions in China, Research on Intangible Property, IPR Law towards Intellectual Economy Era, etc. He is the chief editors of the following 5 textbooks for undergraduate or graduate law students, which are listed in the following textbooks series: Law Textbooks of Higher Education, Unified Law Textbooks of Main Law Courses under Ministry of Justice, the ‘Tenth Five-Year’ Planning Textbooks at State Level, National Self-Taught Textbooks, and the National ‘Tenth Five-Year’ Key Publications Plan-Law Graduates’ Reference Books for 21st Century. In addition, he has more than 80 theses published in Journal of China Social Sciences, China Legal Science, CASS Journal of Law. Many of them have received more than 10 honors, among them are, National Prize for the First Excellent Doctorate Dissertation, the First Prize for Excellent Legal Textbooks and Excellent Legal Research Achievements under Ministry of Justice, the First Prize for Excellent Social Sciences Achievements in Hubei Province (Governmental Prize) and the Prize for Excellent Academic Works of Universities under Ministry of Education.


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